“Jonathan is an incredible and unique therapist. His depth of knowledge comes not only from his education and his innate understanding of human nature but his deep personal work and soul searching.

It is the totality of who he is that allows him to create a deep healing bond with his clients.

My work with Jonathan has been life changing and life sustaining.  I have navigated some deep waters and have always felt his presence and his direction as well as a real sense of safety.

Jonathan is a Warrior of the Psyche and like all good warriors, he is well prepared to assist you in every turn of your own battle”

– Elisa Bongiovanni, MA, JD, Healer,  Grief Counselor

“There’s a poem by Robert Frost, “Storm Fear,” about life’s challenges: It describes menacing winds during a long, dark night. It talks of creeping cold, dying fires and drifts of snow piling ever higher outside. The poet wonders if he’ll have the strength to awaken his spirit in the coming day and face the aftermath of the storm. Funny how Frost knew so much about the life I was living when I first met Shari.

But even the worst of storms can be weathered. My work with Shari has helped me realize every day is filled with chances to embrace spiritual and personal growth despite the squalls life can toss our way. Our sessions have been immeasurably helpful. Her extraordinary compassion and perceptive nature are at the heart of her talent for counseling and her remarkable shamanic gifts. I am pleased and proud to recommend her to anyone who is searching for a path to spiritual growth, or who might be digging out from the storms this world sends us. What’s more, Shari and Jonathan are delightful people and it’s a joy to know them.”

-Christine Young Gertz, Esq. PA

“Five years ago, I went to visit Jonathan, following the advice of a beloved guide in my life. I remain deeply grateful for and inspired by my experiences with Jonathan and Shari and my life partner, Jenny. I honestly believe that because of how intentionally and supportively Jonathan and Shari helped us to give voice to our needs for powerful change in our lives, our first child, our dream, came into our life. For four years we explored adoption. We were open to many possibilities and invested what felt like Herculean efforts and more money than we had as teachers. Jonathan and Shari helped us pay attention to an idea Jenny had. She believed so strongly that a little person out there was waiting for us. The four of us did work together to bring our intentions into the light and remove all obstacles in our way. Our three and a half year old moved in with us five months ago and very soon we finalize his adoption. This is powerful change and yes, the most sacred journey I have ever traveled.”

-Mary Beth- Philadelphia

“I’ve known Jonathan Cohen for many years and have always been impressed by his compassionate spirit and passionate heart. He throws himself into every relationship and is not afraid to walk through the fire. This not only applies to the people he gives his energy to in a therapeutic situation, but to himself as well. I believe this is one of the most important qualities of any healer, to practice what they preach and work on their own hearts. Jonathan is an example of all the qualities I would turn to in a time of need.”

-James Twyman, Noted Author and Peace Troubadour, Recent Publications: Moses Code and Kabbalah Code

“I have known Shari for lifetimes, both in body and out of body.  Her energy and essence are vast and mysterious, yet gentle and compassionate simultaneously. She is the integrated embodiment of Sacred Feminine, Divine Truth, Divine Beauty and Empowered Compassion! She is a Cosmic Weaver, a Creatrix, a shaper of humanities’ consciousness, through every thought, every action and every piece of art she creates!

Through her painting ‘The Emergence of the Divine Child and Unity Consciousness’ she weaves a beautiful tapestry of Holy Sacred Connection depicted through the reclamation of the Sacred Feminine through the dispensation of the Divine Mother.  It is through the Mother that the Holy Child emerges.  It is through and to the Mother that the Sacred Masculine or Divine Father Return.

Shari herself, gave me this painting as a gift, at a time that can only be described as ‘My Dark Night of The Soul’.  I am eternally grateful for her generosity and insight. Shari intuitively knew that I needed the ‘medicine’ held deep within and on the surface of this exquisite painting.  From the moment I gazed upon the beautiful multilayered imagery, I was transported, lifted up and held in the arms of the Divine Mother. I was bathed and held in the miraculous Golden Ray energies that instantaneously calmed the storm that had been raging inside me.  With each energetically infused brush stroke Shari unveils the depth and breadth of Divine Unity as the Sacred Feminine magnificently emanates the Devotional Love of the Mother. The Mother enveloped and enfolded me, encouraging me to allow myself to feel safely held, deep within her Sacred Womb, while the Holy Father looked on, holding the space for my healing to occur.  Here within the sanctity and stillness of the Holy Womb, I could finally rest and know peace. The turbulent dark waters of life now calm.

The more I AM in the presence of the magic of this transformational art piece, the more I AM liberated from the depths of duality that lead to chaos.  Continually Emerging, I AM.”

— Dr. Trish Baitinger, Founder of Raidiance Chiropractic

“The painting I have is the ‘Sacred Union’ which I keep in my Healing room.This piece of art Shari created has been a great source of peace and balance for myself as well as my clients. When I feel disconnected from Source, out of balance within myself, the energy from the painting provides a sense of stability and peace and a remembrance of my Soul.

I’ve had experience with clients who are very connected with the Divine Feminine and have had difficulty sensing the Divine Masculine. I have witnessed them expressing the “sense of a masculine healing energy” since the presence of the painting.Thank you Shari for your willingness to bring Spirit into Form.” 

— Maureen Pawlus, RN, HTCP (Certified Healing Touch Practitioner)

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