Here Are A Few Of Our Favorites!

Our Teachers (books & organizations):

Sadhguru, Isha

Dr. Trish Baitinger, RadianceChiropractic, Paoli, PA

Alberto Villoldo, Shaman Healer Sage

Brad Keeney, The Bushman Way of Tracking God

Patricia Cota-Robles,

Healing Trauma:

Resmaa Menakem, My Grandmother’s Hands

Thomas Hubl, Healing Collective Trauma

Peter Levine, Healing Childhood Trauma

Raising Human Consciousness:

Sadhguru, Karma

Sadhguru, Inner Engineering

Sadhguru, Death

DeAnne Hampton, The New Human

Anodea Judith, The New Earth

Aurelia Jones, The Seven Sacred Flames; Ascension Flame of Unification and Immortality

Nasrin Safai, Gifts; Path to Enlightenment

Godfre Ray King, The Ascended Masters Discourses

Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Claire Prophet, The Masters and Their Retreats

Divine Mother and the Sacred Feminine:

Linga Bhairavi Devi,

Sarah Drew, Gaia Codex

Kaia Ra, The Sophia Codes

Tom Kenyon and Judith Scion, The Magdalene Manuscript

Claire Heartsong, Anna, Grandmother of Jesus; Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes

Jessie Ayani, The Lineage Codes of Light; Brotherhood of the Magi

Kathleen McGowan, The Expected One; Book of Love; The Poet Prince

Lucia Rene, Unplugging the Patriarchy

Hilary Hart, The Unknown She

Men’s Empowerment (books & organizations):


David Deida, The Way of the Superior Man

Robert Bly, Iron John

Sam Keen, Fire in the Belly

Activism and Anti-Racism (books & organizations):

Police Brutality Center,

Environmental Activism,

Movie on Netflix Need to Grow,

Color of Change,

Human Rights Campaign,

Movie on Prime TV, Always Jane

White Awake:

Andrew Harvey,

Diane Wilson, The Seed Keeper

Ta-Nehisi Coates, Between the World and Me; The Water Dancer

Brittney Cooper, Eloquent Rage

Patrice Khan-Cullors & Asha Bandele, When They Call You a Terrorist, A Black Lives Matter Memoir

Isabel Wilkerson, Caste

Robin DiAngelo, White Fragility

Ibram X. Kendi, How to Be an Antiracist


Daniel Ladinksy, Love Poems from God; I Heard God Laughing

Music (organizations & CD’s):

The Sounds of Isha:

Tom Kenyon,

Judy Satori,

Mirabai Ceiba, Sacred Love Songs; Ocean; and Awakened Earth 

Tina Malia, Silent Awakening 

Wild Lotus Band, Devaloka 

Sacred Sexuality:

Amara Charles, The Sexual Practices of the Quodoshka

Other Resources:

The Shift Network,


Dr. Zach Bush:

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