Energy Work and Shamanic Healing Sessions


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During this great shift in consciousness the planet and humanity is being flooded by new higher vibrational energies. Simultaneously, we are releasing old vibrational patterns and templates, shedding what no longer serves our highest good. As a result people often feel profound challenges mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. As the old foundations are shaking up, beliefs about self, our primary relationships, ties to friends and family, work and our environment, are all called up for re-evaluation and transformation. This can feel chaotic and stressful to our systems.

At Sacred Journeys we support you by offering energy work and shamanic healing, as well as practical tools and guidance to navigate these new energies and this new terrain. As we transmute the old densities and become our Lightbodies, we are anchoring in the Original Divine Blueprint for ourselves, the planet, and creation. We are becoming our Christed-Buddhic-Enlightened Selves. We call this process the Ascension Process, meaning a return to our sacred Center, our Divine nature, a remembrance and celebration of who we truly are and why we are here.

In this ongoing process of transformation and transfiguration, we use energy/shamanic work to transmute the root cause of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual suffering.These sessions create healing at the deepest energetic level or blueprint of our being. This modality is gentle, non-invasive and supports the body’s ability to heal. We work with the luminous energy field ( the “invisible” electromagnetic field surrounding the physical body), the chakra system (wheels of energy), and your and our Divine and angelic guidance. This process transforms the dense physical, emotional, and mental imprints associated with the trauma and dis-ease of the old paradigm, into nourishing life energy.

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