Ceremonies and Rituals


Conscious Divorce

Initiatory Experiences/Rites of Passage for Teens

Blessing of the Water

Despachos (Ancient Fire Ceremony of Release/Renewal)

Labyrinth Walks

Solstice/Equinox celebrations

Conscious Dying

In our modern times there is a longing for sacred ritual and meaningful ceremony within community. At Sacred Journeys we realize the necessity of honoring and celebrating key transitions in the human life cycle within the web of life, with our beloved Earth and all our relations. We joyfully create ceremonies for such passages as birth, boys and girls initiations into young adulthood, relationship commitments, anniversaries, divorces and death. We work with individuals, couples, and families to design sacred experiences that usually include interaction with nature and the making of meaningful symbols and objects of power. In such collaborative expression there is a heartfelt remembrance of our interconnection with the elements and nature spirits, and a reclaiming of our joyful role as co-creators with Spirit.

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