Sacred Art

The visionary art created by Shari Landau is inspired by and guided by Spirit. Shari works with her Divine Guidance and the Elohim of creation, as well as various Councils of Light and Angelic presences, to infuse each image and archival print with the highest vibration of Love. These pieces exist to awaken the divinity within you and the remembrance of who you are and why you are here. Since this artwork is encoded it may be used in meditation or placed on an altar to amplify the energy. These images serve to assist you in your ascension process, in your spiritual evolution at this time of great transformation on this planet.

All prints are available for purchase and are made on archival acid free art paper

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Encaustic Art Commissions

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These one of a kind encaustic art pieces are power objects, they are encoded with the energy, blessings, protection and guidance of the Archangels, and often other great Beings of Light including Ascended Masters and aspects of your own Divinity. Physically, they are made with fused layers of colored beeswax and various other materials (often semi-precious stones and crystals, gold leaf, plants, etc…)  depending on what serves your highest good. After contacting Shari with your intention and size for the art, she will consult Spirit and design your singular “supercharged” object of beauty and power.


These museum quality archival art prints are reproductions of my original encaustic painting entitled “Joy” (original painting not for sale). The energy, power, and blessings of my “Joy” painting have been downloaded into each art print.

This bejeweled encaustic (colored beeswax) painting embodies and expresses the vibrations of boundless Joy and Bliss! It is bursting with playful, free, dynamic energy that swirls and interacts with itself and the viewer in an ecstatic dance. Rooted at the center of the image is our Sacred Fire, where we encounter the Sacred Peacock victoriously fanning its glorious plumage. This is intentionally placed, as Peacocks are great transmuters of poison. This golden Peacock helps us transform fear and toxins within our system, in order to liberate our innate sense of Joy.

Underneath the Peacock (hidden in layers of wax) are images of a woman and a man, arms outstretched, hearts wide open, pouring forth their love as they receive the blessings of Joy. Upper left is a dragon, upper right (beneath layers of wax) is a whale, below right is a sea turtle and a jade hummingbird, below left are kissing jade fish. The Great Beings of Light who assisted most directly in the co-creation of this piece are Joy Elohim, Bliss Elohim and Freedom Elohim.

In addition to pigmented beeswax and oil paint, sacred medicine and gems were utilized to create this painting. Included are gold pieces and gold leaf, opals, pearls, amber, garnet, jade, various clear and colored crystals. Other sacred elements include: abalone and other shells, peacock feathers, dried lemon and lime rinds, rose sunflower and coneflower petals, and ginkgo and magnolia leaves.

May this painting connect you with your Sacred Fire, help free you from fear, and liberate the wellspring of Joy deep within you!

Sacred Masculine Heart – Open and Strong

This bejeweled encaustic (colored beeswax) painting depicts the Sacred Masculine Heart open and strong, liberated and free! In the foreground there is a man whose bare feet are planted in the ocean of life, his arms and heart spread wide. His kingly stance portrays the Sacred Masculine fearlessly open, heart centered, and victorious. Shown from the back of his Sacred Heart, his wings are radiating Unconditional Love and Joy, transmitting it through the earth and sky. In the upper right corner is another man soaring in his moonlight, his strands of HeartLight weaving together and integrating the earthly and cosmic realms, uniting heaven and earth within his Heart and within humanity.

The Beings of Light who assisted in the creation of this painting aand are energetically present in it are: The Fivine Father, the Sacred Brotherhood of Light, the Sacred Kings of Light, the Brotherhood of the Golden Robe, Freedom, Liberty and Victory Elohim, Ascended Masters Lord Lanto, Paul the Venetian, and El Morya. The Divine Mother and Sacred Feminine play vital supportive roles, as well as Luna (the Moon) and OCeana (feminine waters of Mother Earth). This Feminine Presence lovingly invites the Masculine to safely open his heart. She helps him remember that the open and vulnerable heart is the strong and vital heart. As the Sacred Masculine Heart opens (the Sacred Feminine Heart has already done so on the planet), we are able to anchor in the United One Sacred Heart! The energy of the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine live within all humans. So, whatever body we live in and however we identify, we each have the task of opening and integrating both aspects within ourselves, which in turn births our United Sacred Hearts.

In the center of this image is a glass circle which encases a butterfly wing. Below this is a large piece of blue Kyanite, a stone which energetically acts like a bridge (integrating body-mind-spirit), enhancing telepathy, empathy, and a feeling of connection to Nature and the heart. the ocean floor (bottom of painting) contains pieces of a blue robin’s eggshell. There are dozens of sea shells, mother of pearl, peach coral (the wings in the foreground), cultured and fresh water pearls, seal glass, jade, and turquoise. There are multicolored crystals, gold and silver pieces and gold leaf, as well as a spiraling silver serpent moving the masculine kundalini energy in the upper left section. Springtime (resurrection) energy is embedded in the beeswax in the form of hyacinth and tulip petals.

Rose Ray

This encaustic (beeswax) painting embodies the Rose Ray, which is one of the Sacred Rays of Creation. Each Creationary Ray focuses on and reflects a certain aspect of Source (although each carries the other Rays within them). This Ray communicates and radiates the Divine Mother’s Sacred Heart! The Chohan or overseer of this Ray is Ascended Master Lady Nada, also known as the Goddess of Love. In one of Her incarnations on Earth she was known as Mary Magdalene.

While co-creating this painting I dwelled in the Divine Mother’s Sacred Heart, swimming in the ocean of Her abounding, infinite, unconditional Love. I found myself working with the Sisterhood of the Sacred Rose in the Temple of the Sacred Rose, a luscious, fragrant, extremely Feminine sanctuary.

I was guided to work with two panels that join in the middle. The right panel focuses on Mary Magdalene and Her role/expression, while the left concentrates on Lady Nada and Her role/expression. They are each responsible for powerful key aspects of the Rose Ray. Individually and together they help us access, integrate, and anchor in the Mother’s Sacred Heart at this time. When the panels are joined (by the white porcelain knob) a wholeness occurs, which synthesizes the many layers and energies of this Divine Ray. While the painting was unfolding, it was really exciting to feel various aspects of the Sisterhood of Light joining forces and unifying in order to ensure the full expression of this Ray!

The colors and frequencies of Light required for this painting also reflect its richness and complexity. To create the central Rose color and energetic vibration I had to combine and harmonize the Violet Flame, the Ruby Ray, the Sapphire Ray, the White Flame of Purification, and the Pink Flame of Love. Other Rays which are serving more subtly include: the first seven Rays of creation, the Gold, Platinum, Purple, Crystal, Opal and Pearl Rays. Other Beings of Light supporting Lady Nada and Mary Magdalene include: Mother Mary, Ascended Master Rose of Light, Shekinah, the Elohim and Archangels of the Rose Ray, Yeshua (Jesus, Magdalene’s twin flame) and Lord Sananda (Lady Nada’s twin flame).

Many beautiful and interesting materials chose to be a part of this artwork in addition to the beeswax. There are rose petals, dried pomegranate skin and seeds, feathers, an antique metal purse, antique silver spoons, antique gold sweater clip with pearls, carnelian silver ring, gold bee, gold chain and gold leaf. There are a multitude of crystals and gems embedded in the wax (clear, pink, burnt orange quartz- amethyst, garnet, and pearls). There is a fuchsia crystal heart anchoring Lady Nada’s heart and a large lilac crystal heart bottom right on the Magdalene panel.

Like an earthly rose this painting has many velvety “petals”, layers of Beauty that take us into the rich and fragrant center of an Abode of Love. It is an invitation to us from the Divine Mother to come Home to Her Heart, to be bathed in comfort, joy, healing, restoration and peace, and to embody our own Sacred Hearts.

Rose Ray Crystal Heart Necklaces


These beautiful deep rose Swarovski crystal heart necklaces carry the Rose Ray frequencies of Light that have been infused by Shari’s Rose Ray painting. They wrap us up in the Divine Mother’s unconditional Love and Sacred Heart.
They come in two sizes (14mm and 18mm) and are strung on silver chain.

Holy Grail I AM

Holy Grail Copyright

This encaustic painting embodies Archangel Michael and His Twin Flame Archaea Michaela (Lady Faith). The central focus is the union of Michael’s Sword of Truth and Michaela’s Chalice of Light, which creates the Holy Grail I AM. The Grail is the result of Sacred Union, the unity and perfect synthesis of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, solar/lunar, dynamic flow/stillness, giving/receiving energies. When two become One, when our humanity reunites with our divinity, our ancient quest is fulfilled, and we BECOME the Holy Grail I AM!

In the painting, the Sword is nested/rooted deep within the womb of the Chalice. At the exact middle of the image (the lip of the Chalice), creation explodes, ascending and descending energies mix and worlds are birthed. At the center of this is the Diamond Heart of Creation (where the bee and butterfly reside, heart of nectar and transformation), which is a sacred place or seat of great power. It is from this Center that “heaven on earth” is anchored in, and separation mentality is no longer possible. We are invited to focus on the midline, feel above and below, and see how the top and bottom mirror each other, the Earth sphere below reflects the Cosmic sphere above, and the same holds true for the Sword and Chalice, and all other elements of this piece.

Archangel Michael and Archaea Michaela have infused this art with their powerful energies of Divine Protection, Divine Truth, Divine Will, and Divine Faith. Their signature colors are sapphire, cobalt, and blue diamond Light. Their wings of Luminous Love and Light fan out above and below to embrace, shield, and comfort us. In addition to this Archangelic pair we are being assisted by the following Beloved Twin Flames: Sanat Kumara/Lady Venus, Isis/Osiris, Yeshua/ Magdalene, Lord Sananda/Lady Nada, and Mother Mary/Archangel Rafael. There are many Elohim who assisted and Rays of Creation woven into the work, the most prominent Rays include: Sapphire, Cobalt Blue, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamond (Blue, White and Black), White, Pearl, Teal, Ruby, Emerald, Crystal, and Rose Rays. The Unfed Flame (pink, blue, yellow) is also present. The physical materials in this piece radiate and amplify the qualities these great Beings of Light and Rays offer us. Some of these materials include: gold leaf, silver/gold/copper  pieces and paint, diamonds, fresh water pearls, cultured pearls, mother of pearl, ruby, topaz, aquamarine, turquoise, citrine, tigers eye, blue and clear quartz crystals, onyx, Morphos butterfly wings, orange butterfly wing, blue Robin’s eggshell, peacock feathers, sunflower petals, antique crystal doorknobs and copper medallions, feathers, and beeswax.

Many beautiful and mysterious things unfolded during the creation of this painting. It is a doorway, a portal, where sacred geometries and sacred numerical patterns abound. For instance, the number 8 reappears throughout (vibrating Infinity), an insistent and recurring “V” shape anchors in Victory of the Divine Plan. Sacred Fire letters exist beneath the double terminated quartz crystal in the Sword, inviting us to listen with our hearts to Spirit’s Sacred Song! This work is designed to activate, align, and integrate our mind body and spirit, to 5th Dimensional and beyond reality. It awakens in us the Original Divine Blueprint of Perfection, so we can embody the Holy Grail I Am!

Archangel Jophiel and Lord Lanto

Archangel Jophiel works on the second Ray of Creation. His/her name means “Beauty of God” or “ My Rock is God”. Her/His color is deep pink/rose and She/He is the archangel who brings beauty order and balance to everything in life. Call on Archangel Jophiel to shift negative thoughts to positive thoughts, to see, love, and honor the beauty of your own being. Archangel Jophiel serves on the Ray of Illumination and therefore assists in bringing Wisdom Truth and Clarity into your life. Enfolded in Jophiel’s wings is the adult Jonathan and his inner child. The joyful curious playful child is reaching up and touches the infinity symbol. Sealed within deep layers of wax is an image of the four gates: the eagle, the man, the bull and the lion, a reminder of your service on the Ruby Ray. Lord Lanto and the lineage of the Golden Robe is present here as well. He carries a Golden staff guiding the Way and offers you the Sword of Truth and Illumination. To the left of the sword is a lion (symbol of kingship and courage) whose shield is emblazoned with the fleur de lis (symbol of the holy family and the three fold flame). Embedded under Lord Lanto are the fire letters of Jophiel’s sacred name. There are three pearls, one at Jophiel’s throat, one at adult Jonathan’s throat in the infinity symbol and one in Jophiel’s line of vision in the cosmic realm. These are pearls of wisdom, accessing three levels of truth/wisdom (earthly,angelic, cosmic). There is 24 karat gold holding the frequency of the Gold Ray and rose petals from ceremony in the Temple holding the Rose Ray. There are diamonds and an amethyst holding the Diamond Ray of Light and the Violet Ray of Transmutation.

The Emergence of the Divine Child and Unity Consciousness

This multilayered oil painting announces, activates, and anchors in the reality that we are Spirit embodied, that we are birthing the Divine Human on the New Earth. At first glance this image may appear to be a mother and child, yet it really depicts the Sacred Triad or Holy Family. The foreground reveals the Sacred Feminine holding the Golden Child, while the energy of the Sacred Masculine is embedded in paint layers behind them, holding a position of support. The immutable eternal bond of the Holy Triad is restored, and their message to us is: the essence of creation is wholeness and Love.

Mother and child are shown naked in their original skin (versus original sin) because all fear has been transmuted. They are the reclamation of the beauty, purity, and power of the Divine Feminine and Divine Child. They emerge from, stand upon, and celebrate the dark waters of life, and simultaneously spin forth from the luminous fibers of the radiant full moon. In a place of reverence in the center is the Sacred Womb calling us Home. This configuration forms a column of Light, a key hole, a powerful portal, yet it is also the key which unlocks the illusion of duality and separation.

As a key, these figures exist in the awakened state and are the embodiment of devotion.     

The Child is held close to and seems to bloom from the Mother’s heart, and is fully recognized as the Beloved Creation. So, it knows and trusts on all levels (all the way into the flesh) that Love is Real. An unbroken circuit of Love is created as they gaze into each other’s eyes. The Child surrenders to the Sacred Mother (who is held by the Sacred Father) and is therefore able to fully receive this Supreme Love. When the Child receives this gift, its luminous body shines golden and bright, and it becomes a Holy Chalice. Now well nourished and overflowing with Love, the Child instinctively offers it back by placing its hand upon the heart of the Mother. In this gesture an amazing alchemy occurs, a new song is sung, as the Divine Blueprint for creation circulates and expands. 

The entire painting, what is hidden and what is revealed to the viewer, is woven with the Golden Ray to help liberate you. It is designed to hold and yet go beyond all duality and paradox (light/dark, male/female, parent/child, strength/softness, form/formlessness, heaven/earth), thus reflecting the awareness “as above so below, as within so without”. This Sacred constellation is held within a vast unified cosmic energy field, which includes the Great Central Sun, Cosmic Guardians and Councils of Light, and Diamond Light Dolphins. May this art ignite the Love in the core of your Being and may you live in joy, freedom, and grace!

Honoring Isis


 This mixed media piece (painting/collage/resin) is an altar dedicated to Queen Mother Isis and the Sirian High Council of Light. It contains an image of Isis as Queen, the Three Graces, a portal into the Sacred Heart and one into the cosmos. In my connection to Isis I am always shown water, the sycamore tree, the Indigo Sapphire Ray and the wings of a soaring Eagle, hence their appearance here. She is a powerful Being of Light representing the Divine Mother, resurrection and creation energies.


 The Isis altar can be purchased as a print with or without the frame. Shown here without the frame the top cosmic portion is omitted to allow for a focus on Isis as she oversees the earth plane.


Ingathering of the Twin Flames of Light


 This mixed media piece (painting, collage, found objects) heralds in the Twin Flames of Light. In the four directions are four expressions of Love and the four elements: the south holds tender/romantic (water) energy, the west holds innocent/playful (earth) energy, the north holds sexual (fire) energy, the east holds angelic (air) energy. In the center is the Diamond Heart, the sacred eight petalled rose, the abode where All is One. Woven into the energetics of this piece are the Inner Twins who invite and guide back all Twins ready to serve Spirit in union from the Sacred Center.

Sacred Union

Embedded in this oil painting are many layers of meaning. The holy Chalice of Love that is created between Beloveds, between Source and human, within the Self (one’s masculine energy and feminine energy), between twin flames, between heaven and earth/spirit and matter. The Breath of God “moving across the face of the deep” stirring the primordial waters and awakening creation. The Divine Mother and Divine Father gazing upon each other, the Breath of Spirit passing between them, and the creation of the Holy Child as two become One. The Presence of Infinity hidden within form.

Into Separation

This mixed media piece depicts the downstepping of energy into form. It frames the shamanic awareness of an upper middle and lower world. In the upper realm we see Spirit’s breath blowing creation into existence and we see the cosmic Light pouring forth. In the middle realm we see the earthly roots and ropes, the cords that connect and bind us in the material world, the tree of life/death emerging from our bellies and the sensual explosion that occurs here as we explore the 3-D world of space and time. The underworld is a place of darkness and mystery, a place in which we sometimes get lost. Yet even here there is a luminous emerald window or portal. This is a gift to humanity from the Greenman/Pan who knows that often in our exploration of form we agree to forget who we are, we forget that we are Spirit beings having a human experience. This window is a passageway back into the awakened state.

Queen of Heaven and Earth

 This Queen of Heaven and Earth is a cosmic Being who serves as a link or bridge. Like a bodhisattva, Her task is to hold and sustain the earth and humanity in Her Sacred Heart. Within Her heart is the threefold flame of Love Wisdom and Power (red/ yellow/blue). She holds a white lotus in Her right hand from which a river of compassion pours forth. She is Master of the elements and keeper of the masculine and feminine principles in perfect balance (these forces are on Her left and right side respectively). Her garments are luminous and the sacred rays of creation flow from Her crown. She is especially connected to the Sapphire Ray, the planet Sirius, and beloved Queen Mother Isis.


Spirit Guide

 I call this great Being of Light, Grandfather, White Eagle. He is a seer and shape shifter who carries great medicine, and who embodies love, compassion, wisdom and power. He holds the sacred masculine energy and can be called upon for protection. As a Spirit Guide He may help in dreamtime or the waking state. When I call upon Him to assist I do so with great reverence and gratitude, for His heart is so big, His energy gentle yet strong, and His Love so fierce.

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