We love books that are encoded and engage the heart and energy body as well as the mind. Here are a few of our favorites!

Shaking Medicine

Brad Keeney, The Bushman Way of Tracking God

is our favorite but he has many others. This is the man who introduced us and the Western World to ecstatic movement and what he terms shaking medicine.

Ascension and Self-Mastery

Celia Fenn, Diamond Codes & Activations (E Book),

Amazing activations and information to get a handle on what is happening on the planet and in human consciousness.

Aurelia Jones, The Seven Sacred Flames; Ascension Flame of Unification and Immortality

In the first title the sacred rays of creation are explained, teaching about the Elohim and Archangels of creation; in the second title the ascension process and a powerful ascension ceremony is offered.

Nasrin Safai, Gifts; Path to Enlightenment.

Godfre Ray King, The Ascended Masters Discourses.

He channels St. Germain, helpful in affirming the I AM Presence.

Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Claire Prophet, The Masters and Their Retreats.

A comprehensive volume on the many ascended masters and their retreats, wonderful for those who enjoy mapping the cosmos!

Energy Work

Alberto Villoldo, Shaman Healer Sage

This is a good one to start with and he has many others. Alberto and The Four Winds Society is who trained us. In this book you will hear about his shamanic lineage and some healing techniques.

Divine Mother and the Sacred Feminine

Tom Kenyon and Judith Scion, The Magdalene Manuscript.

This presents an alternate view of Mary Magdalene and Jesus. They offer a beautiful message about how to create sacred relationship.

Claire Heartsong, Anna, Grandmother of Jesus; Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes.

Beautiful channeled transmissions from Mother Mary and Grandmother Anna (grandmother of Jesus and mother of Mother Mary).

Jessie Ayani, The Lineage Codes of Light.

A powerful tool for the remembrance of the sacred feminine.

Kathleen McGowan, The Expected One; Book of Love; The Poet Prince.

Series on the mysteries of the Magdalene.

Honoring the Sacred Masculine

Jessie Ayani, Brotherhood of the Magi.

Explores the role of the sacred masculine.


Lucia Rene, Unplugging the Patriarchy.

This book reveals the distortions of power by the patriarchy and how these underlying economic social and political distortions limit


This movie is similar to Unplugging the Patriarchy in what it reveals and how to take practical steps to make changes in your life, community and the world.


Daniel Ladinksy, Love Poems from God and I Heard God Laughing.

Gorgeous poetry sure to inspire and melt your heart.


Mirabai Ceiba-Sacred Love Songs, Ocean, and Awakened Earth CDs

Tina Malia-Silent Awakening CD

Wild Lotus Band-Devaloka CD

Other Non-Book Resources

The Shift Network,

Offering many courses and support for the creation of a conscious world!

Andrew Harvey,

Check out Andrew’s many wonderful books and his grounded and inspirational work in the area of sacred activism.

Barbara Marx Hubbard,

Long time teacher and visionary in the Conscious Evolution movement, founder of The Foundation for Conscious Evolution, helping to create “human pods,” a new conscious and sacred way of relating and living on our beloved planet.

Particia Cota-Robles,

Patricia offers a wonderful newsletter with great visualizations/meditations to inspire and upgrade our systems as we continue to move through the ascension process.

Judy Satori,

Free channeled transmissions from the Elohim. These transmissions assist us during the shift in consciousness, they especially help prepare the physical body in its transformation into the Lightbody.

Dr. Trish Baitinger, RadianceChiropractic.

Offers workshops in Mother Flame Reiki, the Sacred Rays of Creation, DNA Activations. Her office is located in Berwyn, PA.

Maria Garcia,

Yoga and wellness center with many wonderful offerings to support your journey.

Tom Kenyon,

Amazing sound healer.

Khalsa Healing Arts Center 

Kundalini yoga center in Yardley, PA offering classes, workshops, and teacher training.


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